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While standing in solidarity with many other people at Standing  Rock  in South Dakota, Dan Namamkin had a vision concerning the future of his property in Nespelum, on the Colville Indian Nation in Washington state. This vision was to establish an indigenous (native) food & skills soveriegnty camp with the purpose of being a learning center to help reconnect native youth, and people, to the traditional ways and foods that are almost lost. This vision was started to be seen in the late summer of 2018.

Bruce-Ruhl Design, I.D.E.A.S., & Production LLC founders, Margaret Ruhl and Daniel Bruce joined several other individuals in September, 2018, for the inaugural groundbreaking of the 5 day Camp. For our part, we were demonstrating simple bio-gas production and biochar. That was nothing compared to all the other real skills being taught and shared by everybody else: from hide tanning to preparing wind-sun dried salmon to stone knapping. The event was so successful in drawing interest that there were many visitors, including two elders from Canada, over the five day period. The chief excitement of the event was the participation of kids from the nearby Boys and Girls Club. Local native news published an indepth article covering the event and sharing more completely Dan’s vision.

Link to Tribal Tribune article:


After the event was over, B-RDI&P LLC produced a short documentary about Daniel’s experiance and some of what it was like to be surprised by the power of vision. It is several hours, over four days, edited down as an entertaining (??) video diary.

Link to video:

Remaining committed to supporting Dan’s vision, we have created this page to accept donations that will go specifically to supporting the establishment of this place of traditional learning and corresponding permaculture designed native foods gardenscape. All donations made here to help make this possible are tax-deductible and go specifically to the Camp for ensuring future events, until it is finished becoming established and self-productive, thus, self-sustainable. Look for date postings of future Camp events for your chance to participate. Follow the progress here as well, as we upload picture galleries, more links to news articles and videos, and additional commentary! If you have donated and really think this is cool, then please share and encourage others to support the fulfillment of this vision. Thank you.

(please note: B-RDI&P LLC in no way profits from donations submitted and donates all necessary billable, and free, time needed for teaching, designing, and building that it can.)

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