Perma Uni-versity Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement:

The vision of this academic structure is to first educate through the demonstration or practice of self-sustainable methods, then eventually be transformed into an accredited university level Masters and Doctorate degree program in the Science and Methods of Permaculture Design, a broad spectrum Environmental Science specialization.


Mission Statement:

The mission of Perma Uni-versity is to use education with an annual, or bi-annual, event along with mobile workshops to not only spread concepts and philosophies, but build closed-loop and self-sustainable infrastructure for local level economies and to enhance businesses. It will use hands-on classes, workshops, and lectures demonstrating permaculture methods for green building or retrofit techniques. This will  allow for a maximal return on capital invested, the broader impact of Permaculture Design to be demonstrated academically, and create a means to obtain much needed long term data collection monitoring environmental, social, and economic  impacts of techniques used plus the ability to rapidly share the information gathered. At the final point of its genesis, the NPO will be unincorporated after successfully becoming an accredited graduate level environmental science program.